Researching your family’s WW1 connections

Almost every family, and certainly every community in Britain, was touched in some way by the First World War and it is generally accepted that it changed our nation forever. But how did it affect your own family, are there stories you know but for which the details and facts are missing? Is it, as is so often the case, that a now distant, in time, family member served his country but you don’t quite know how, and perhaps don’t know where, he made his contribution during the Great War?

How Great War Tours can help you

Great War Tours Ltd would be privileged to conduct the research on your behalf, regardless of whether you book a tour or not – although, following the research, we’d be delighted to arrange one of our tours for you too. Indeed in carrying out such research on behalf of clients recently, accessing a wide variety of original records (attestation papers, service records, medal cards / rolls, war diaries etc.,) Debbie has been able to recreate several of these incredible military journeys and experiences, presenting the results in a specially designed booklet which serves as a moving memorial. And don’t forget that this research need not be restricted to members of your family. You might be interested in the story behind a name on your local War Memorial or perhaps you would like to uncover the experiences of a wide range of national sportsmen, artists etc.?

Complete the research leaflet

To help you step into history and connect with your military heritage, please download the Research Leaflet, complete it and return it to us, or, if you prefer send those details in an email using our contact form. In recognition of the costs incurred and involved, a donation to the benefit of the Army Benevolent Fund, The Soldiers’ Charity (minimum £25.00 suggested) is all that stands between you and your own journey of discovery.

Your questions answered

You may be aware that your family has a connection with the Great War. Either because a relative served and was killed, leaving behind only a small black and white photo which used to sit on a kitchen mantle-piece but is now somewhere in the loft or because your relative survived, returned home and then did not talk about his experiences for the rest of his life? And, whilst you may always have intended to carry out your own research, perhaps you don’t really know where to start or really don’t have the time to spare to complete the research? This is how we can help, we look forward to receiving your completed research leaflet and filling in the gaps in your knowledge about how your family member contributed to the WW1. Do get in touch soon, we look forward to helping you.


If you would like Debbie to conduct private research to learn more information about a family member in WW1 please email or fill in the form below.


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